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Flat Wire – Ribbon / Foil / Tape

Flat Wire – Ribbon / Foil / Tape

Range from thinnest 0.03mm (0.0015″) to widest 12.7mm
Order quantity from 3 metres (10”) to 3 tonnes (10,000lbs)
Max ratio width to thickness: 40:1
Typical delivery from 4 weeks

Flat wire is suitable for a multitude of applications, including:

  • Spring energised seals
  • Electric heating elements
  • Electronic components
  • Electric resistors
  • Sealing rings working in high temperatures or corrosive environments

At a glance, some advantages of flat wire are:

  • Can be supplied in larger weights on spools in one continuous length
  • Unlike slit strip it does not have stress raisers induced into it through slitting
  • Has user friendly radiused edges
  • Has short lead times for a custom width and thickness
  • Is made to customer specific hardness range
  • Available in any of our 60 Exotic alloys
  • Can be ordered with no minimum quantity

Flat wire can be more price competitive than slit strip, and have shorter lead times. Packaged on a spool, AWI’s flat wire can be quickly de-spooled by the customer. Flat wire can therefore be part used and safely returned to stock without any deterioration.

AWI designs and manufactures its own precision rolling mills for wire. Using the many years of experience of our staff, our rolling skills are supported by the latest measuring technology, meaning AWI can offer flat wire in all of its 60 High Performance nickel alloys, and to the most demanding specifications.

We know that our customers have a need to buy flat wire in a wider variety of sizes, especially in larger profiles. As a result, we have commissioned a custom-built machine that delivers on these requests.

Available in any of the following alloys

Alloy Wire
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