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Electrical Resistance Wire & Hot Cutting Wire

Electrical Resistance Wire & Hot Cutting Wire

All are available in any of the ‘profile options’

Electrical resistance wire for heating elements, resistors and heat sealing packaging machines. Also, High Strength Hot Cutting wire for foam cutting, plus ‘Hot and Cold Cutting Wire Assemblies’ for durability and strength at high temperature.

80/20 NiCr 45/55 NiCu RW41 RW118RW122RW70 Heatseal 29
Also known as
RW80, Nichrome 80, Nichrome 5, Brightray C, Gilphy 80, Tophet A, Nikrothal 80,Chromalloy 80, Cronix, Chromel A RW45, Advance, Ferry, Eureka, Constantan, Hecnum Ultra High Strength Hot Cutting Wire, Foam / Polystyrene (EPS) Hot Cutting Wire High Strength Hot Cutting Wires, Polystyrene (EPS) Hot Cutting Wires
Heating elements
Band heaters
Plastic bag welding/cutting
Hot cutting, Fabrication / Line bending Low expansion – for heat sealing long straight lengths

Alloy Wire manufacturer and stock wire and flat wire for hot wire cutting, plastic bag sealing and heating elements. You are welcome to purchase the exact quantity of wire for your application.

Not sure what wire to use? Buy a ‘TESTER PACK’
If you are unsure of the wire or ribbon size, or electrical resistance (Ohms/ft), you require you can buy a ‘Tester Pack’. The ‘Tester Pack’ contains a selection of different wire or ribbon stock sizes for you to try in your application.

Our resources have allowed us to develop wires for specific industries that perform even better than the standard product. Please ask about alternatives that may be more cost effective and durable.

  • Element wires for heat sealers & impulse sealers
  • Vacuum sealing
  • ‘T’ profile heat sealing & impulse sealing
  • Plastic bag welding
  • Wire for L sealers
  • Hot cutting wires for foam (EPS)
  • Electric heating elements
  • Electrical resistors
  • Order quantities from 10 ft to 10000 Lbs

Alloy Wire
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