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Team news – Steve Parton

On Saturday 15th August, we received the very upsetting news that our friend and colleague Steve Parton of ROPA Stahl GmbH sadly passed away following a short illness. Our thoughts and prayers are with all his family at this very sad time.

Steve’s father Bob Parton started the company ROPA Stahl, and in 1992 became the official Sales Representative for Alloy Wire in Germany. Steve joined the company not long afterwards in 1993, and together they were instrumental in establishing Alloy Wire in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France as a brand that could be trusted for the quality of its wire and reliability of its service.

Steve quickly proved himself popular with customers through his positive personality, but also his commitment and energy to hard work to ensure the customer had full support always.

With the retirement of his father Bob in 2015, Steve and his business partner, Michael Sonntag, continued the ROPA Stahl / Alloy Wire success story, and in 2015 Alloy Wire appointed them and their sales team as their Sales Representative for the Netherlands and Belgium also.

Steve will be greatly missed by all the Alloy Wire team, but with his colleagues at ROPA Stahl we shall continue as he would have wished – which Bob and Michael describe aptly in their letter below, addressed to everyone that knew him.

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