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Southern Manufacturing highlights demand for stock and fast turnaround times

It was Alloy Wire International’s first visit to the new £35m FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events) Centre and what a valuable exhibition it proved to be.

Following a very strong year in 2017, we decided to again have a sizeable presence at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics and we were rewarded with a lot of very good conversations with potential customers pursuing new technological developments.

Visitors to the AWI stand were taken aback by the range of alloys we can offer and the vast amount of stock we hold, which is now up to 200 tonnes at any one time.

FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events) Centre

Angus Hogarth, who led the team at Southern Manufacturing, provided the insight: “Like normal, a lot of people wanted to talk about fast turnaround times for small quantities…something we are experts at doing.

“There was also significant interest in shaped wire in any of the 60 alloys, and titanium wire.”

He concluded: “We noticed that there was a real buzz in the hall and that translated to a lot of enquiries that the sales team are currently working through. There was even interest in using our nickel alloy bars for use in crab farming!”

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