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We are often asked where our material is eventually used and a lot of the time we can’t tell people due to the confidential nature of the projects we are involved in.

There are some amazing things that have been achieved with our wire that we can mention and these range from helping explore for oil and powering the UK to making a space shuttle fly and, most recently, supporting ventilator production.

By the same token stainless steel, Phynox or Inconel manufactured in our facility in the West Midlands could support a design engineer bring a new prototype to market or solve a long-running production issue.

The one thing all of these have in common is that AWI is the start of the process and we have to be at the very top of our game to deliver alloys in the quantities, size and unique specifications our clients require.

We are proud to be #atthesource. Let us know what great things you have achieved with our material?

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