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Alloyed strength

Alloyed strength

AWI is continuing to take delivery of additional stocks in order to maintain demand from around the world, in particular orders of stainless steel and Phynox from customers in Australia, South Korea and North America.

Closer to home, our dedicated Manufacturing Service remains focused on supporting production of ventilators and other critical equipment for our NHS heroes. To this end, we recently received a commission to produce more than 5 kilometres of material that will be used to produce crucial parts for life-saving equipment at the Nightingale Hospital in London.

Our employees have been incredible throughout, with all of our staff embracing their roles as key workers, adopting the Government’s social distancing policies whilst delivering High Performance alloy wire within 3 weeks.

Angus Hogarth, Sales Director at AWI, said: “We are very proud of the heroic actions of frontline NHS and social care staff and this is our own small way of supporting them to help save lives.”

“AWI is ‘at the source’ of many first steps in creating life-saving equipment and we are committed to maintaining this supply throughout the pandemic.”

Alloy Wire
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